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What’s Moldova like through the eyes of a foreigner?


stonian journalists and a local explorer travel across the country to find what makes Moldova special. A new project, powered by the Western NIS Enterprise Fund, sheds light on various Moldovan stories nationwide and publishes them in the form of videos and texts in English.

A new project, powered by the Western NIS Enterprise Fund

As a freelance journalist, now nested in Moldova, Marian Männi covers science and Moldova for Estonian media. She has worked as an investigative and feature journalist for various English and Estonian media. Her colleague Tiina Kaukvere, with over a decade of experience in journalism, joins her and brings a fresh look from the outside. A local storyteller Tatiana Namashco comes with her experience in IT and a passion for travel and arts.

For one year, they will publish three longer videos and written stories monthly and many short forms throughout the week.

Marian Männi and Tiina Kaukvere
Harvesting sunflower seeds and pixels at the same time.
Marian interviewing

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